Marchesini Group RUS Llc

The new branch in Moscow opened on January 1st 2016, and takes over from the previous organizational structure managed by the I.E.S. representative office. Over the past 30 years, its commercial team has contributed to creating a strong and reliable name for the Marchesini Group in Russia.

The new branch office reinforces the Group’s partnerships in the Russian market, but also satisfies the growing local demand for innovative technical solutions manufactured by the Group, offering new opportunities for existing customers and also for new clients.

Marchesini Group RUS guarantees prompt and customized assistance, providing spare parts in “Rouble” and offering extensive service, so that after-sales administrative times are reduced to the minimum. In-house developed instruments analyze in detail the objectives and priorities of buyers of stand-alone machines and complete lines for packaging pharmaceuticals, in order to create and consolidate long-term and trustworthy relationships with Russian partners. 

Contact person: Mr. Sergey IlyukhinBranch Director Marchesini Group RUS
Address: Mamonovsky Per. 4/1, office 7, 123001 - Moscow, RUSSIA
Phone: +7 495 6941222 
Fax: +7 495 6944251

Subagent for cosmetics
Contact person: Mr. Rodion Tsoy, General Director
Address: Dmitrovskoe shosse 157, b.5, 127411 - Moscow, RUSSIA
Phone: + 7 495 7418517