Solid - Product detail



FTC24 is an electronic counter with two totally independent counting units, which are perfectly integrated in the compact and solid bed and which can count almost any kind of product without having to change size parts. The two counting units are arranged in-line together with other features, such as geometric forms and ease-of-access of the machine, which means that it is very easy to keep clean. The electronics of the FTC24 machine are accessed through the large colour touchscreen panel. Marchesini has developed the Software and the PC is a Siemens or Allen Bradley. Preparation, production, traceability and trouble-shooting operations are extremely simple and straightforward, ensuring utmost reliability and conformity to the strictest of international standards. Each counting unit operates independently and the special conveyance system gives the machine a one-of-a-kind compactness.


-        Speeds up to 100 strokes per minute;

-        Internal reject system, within the length of the conveyor belt;

-        Heads kept in line in the filling phase of both hopper and vial;

-        Easy and effortless hopper extraction by means of slide system;

-        Great flexibility;

-        Easy cleaning;

-        Able to handle 120 containers per minute;

-        Compact layout.


  • 120 bottles/minute


  • (A) = O.D. of round bottle: from 20 to 80 mm
  • (G) = Total bottle height, without closure: from 55 to 185 mm
  • Tablets diameter: from 5 to 20 mm
  • Capsules size: from 000 to 5