Nested Syringe Filling and Stoppering

Machines for filling and stoppering of nested single-use syringes are characterised by superbly compact and versatile design. All the main operations – from Tub opening to sampling and outfeed of filled syringes – are managed by brushless motors and SCARA robots designed entirely in-house by Marchesini Group. While offering extremely fast filling speeds of up to 600 pieces per minute, and the possibility to carry out in-line 100% weight checking, these technologies also offer a superb level of flexibility that also enables them to work with cartridges and RTU (Ready To Use) vials supplied in Nests/Tubs or, in the case of vials only, in larger Nested-Trays.


Containment cabinets 

Building on its consolidated experience in the production of laminar flow hoods and the installation of filling lines with Open RABS configuration, Marchesini Group decided years ago to expand its containment systems range with the launch of ISOL-AIR: this range of solutions allows the Group to offer complete lines with isolation technology or with Closed RABS configuration. ISOL-AIR isolators are available for the production of high-potency drugs or for applications requiring greater protection for the filled product.

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