Extrafill 10

The EXTRAFILL 10 is an Automatic High-speed Filling Machine for nested syringes, capable of processing Ready To Use (RTU) Vials supplied into Nest/Tub or Nested-Trays, and RTU cartridges supplied into Tub/Nest.

Main characteristics:

  • Conceived to fulfill the highest quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry;
  • Perfect Air Flow Laminarity over the Containers thanks to the Balcony Style feature;
  • Possible Wall Installation arrangement with regular maintenance execution through the backside with no contamination of the filling room;
  • Machine movements with brushless motors;
  • Innovative stopper sorting system to make format change simpler and avoid stopper jamming;
  • Equipped with 10 filling heads;
  • The machine can be set to cover a wide range of formats (Syringe, RTU vials, RTU cartridges) and types of product (liquid up to very viscous gel).

Standard model:

  • High Speed Robotized Denesting\Detraying unit for Syringe and RTU Vials;
  • Dosing system with individual adjustment of each single pump;
  • Easy Switch from Rotary Piston Pumps to Peristaltic Pumps by using the same motorizations;
  • 0 ÷ 100% Adjustable Weight In Process Control (IPC);
  • Single Container Rejection
  • Sticky Stoppers (twin stoppers) rejection and recovery to avoid jamming on the feeding system;
  • Dedicated unload lane for Sampling filled and stoppered containers;
  • No Glass-To-Glass connection to any downstream machine (visual inspection machine or syringe re-nesting unit);
  • Integrated diverting system to feed vials to an alu-capping machine;
  • Possibility to install the machine under LAF, open RABS, closed RABS or Isolator.


Feautured model: Extrafill 10A

Syringes 0,5 ml / 10 ml
Vials 2R / 15R
Cartridges: 1 ml / 5 ml
Syringes/h: up to 36.000

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