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“Interpack 2011” gets under way: Marchesini’s stand is already very busy the first days of the trade fair

Company news
05-13, 2011
Yesterday, May 12th, saw the beginning of “Interpack 2011” and Marchesini’s stand was already bustling with customers from across the globe on the first days of the event. The six lines on show are appreciated in full: one of which is making its mark in particular, namely the new and incredibly fast blister line “MB460 FAST”, as well as Integra 200, the integrated blister line in the version “ready for consignment”, not to forget the sterile line for vials and the syringe line too. In the limelight is Romeo, the new wireless controller that simplifies and speeds-up size changing and line control, which customers can watch at work every day on the robotic and integrated “Unica” line.
Marchesini’s restaurant too is truly appreciated, open from noon to 2 pm, offering customers the traditional and delicious “made in Italy” dishes.