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03-01, 2010
STE PHARMA SYSTEMS, Barcelona, will host the event entitled “SHOW ROOM TRACK & TRACE 2010” from March 15th to 19th.
The event will highlight technological solutions ready to meet the specific requirements of track and trace standards for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
On the morning of the event, David Mateo from STE, Lauro Bartoli from Marchesini Group, Debora Allasio and Luigi Carrioli, from RC-Sea Vision, will give their speeches. The machines on show will then be illustrated, starting from the Labelling machine model BL400 produced by Neri of Marchesini Group – in the two VTE XL and XL versions – which applies track and trace codes on pharmaceuticals as well as labels combined in a variety of combinations. There will also be a DEMO TABLE with  DATABOX control system by RC-SEA – and a CBR – with Datamatrix code control system.
Customers who attend the event will also have the opportunity to take a look at the labelling machine model BL400VTEXL in action, which proves how much effort Marchesini Group dedicates to the serialization of pharmaceutical products. This high speed machine not only fits up to three labelling heads to apply one vignette on the top and two on the corners of the carton (Tamper Evident) but also prints Datamatrix codes on an impressive three positions (top face and two flaps of the carton).
The strongholds of the machine, which has already won remarkable success on the international market, are many; first and foremost the machine has a balcony structure, is ergonomic and totally accessible, meaning that it is easy to clean and manage, plus the whole production process is always visible. The labeller features step motion – which guarantees maximum precision in applying the label and also the end result – as well as precise and quick size changing.
To conclude, this machine also rejects non-compliant products and works at a very high speed (450 cartons per minute).
Specifically speaking, the machine exhibited will comprise a printer model Wolke m600 advance, OCV RC-SEA VISION control system, synchronization between the Wolke and SEA units,  full “Track and Trace” system, “Grading” control and data management.
The other version of Neri’s labeller on show, namely model BL400 XL, will feature a Laser printer MACSA, RC-SEA VISION DATABOX control system, synchronization between Laser printer and RCSEA system and “French coding” printer.