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Supporting Local Welfare: the agreement between Marchesini Group and the municipality of Pianoro

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03-25, 2012
An agreement was recently stipulated between a major company and a local authority to guarantee a nursery service that meets the needs of working parents and that is one-of-its-kind but could become a pilot project across Emilia Romagna.
The key players of this important Welfare agreement are Marchesini Group and the Local council of Pianoro.  
The agreement protocol, approved by the town council of Pianoro last February 15th and signed by Marchesini, entails the reservation of a number of extra places at the local municipal nurseries in Pianoro and Rastignano, in addition to those actually vacant for next year, for the company’s own employees. These extra vacancies will not affect those available for residents, which will be assigned according to the conventional system. In a nutshell, Marchesini Group will offer its employees (even non-residents of Pianoro) the possibility to send their children to the local nurseries and the company will cover the expenses for each child that are normally covered by the public authority. The child’s family will pay the normal nursery fees, which are calculated according to ISEE parameters (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator), and the Group will pay the rest. The project was presented during a press conference in Bologna by Maurizio Marchesini, the CEO of Marchesini Group, the mayor of Pianoro Gabriele Monghetti, the provincial councillor Giuseppe De Biasi and the regional Welfare councillor Teresa Marzocchi.