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The best packaging solutions for pre-filled syringes

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01-18, 2012
During the last edition of “Interpack” in Dusseldorf, Marchesini Group presented a complete and incredibly innovative line for packaging pre-filled syringes, from assembly through to  bundle overwrapping.
The Marchesini Group offers technologically cutting-edge solutions for packaging pre-filled syringes. The line handles a glass syringe with assembled needle, protected by a plastic tamper-evident cover.  The needle is pre-assembled by machine model Corima APS2 - Combi where the syringes received from the inspection machine are conveyed with a no-contact technology and loaded on the central carousel. On the latter, the plunger is inserted and screwed in position, afterwards the syringe is transferred to the next turntable to be inserted in a plastic cylinder that is pre-fed to the machine. In the station after that where the syringe is inserted in the cylinder, again on a star-wheel, the cap is inserted and pressed on. On the machine outlet, the syringe is sealed inside its container and sent to the infeed of the Cartoning machine MA320. The infeed system consists of two units of Marchesini’s robotic solutionRobocombi”; cutting-edge units in terms of handling and speed, even in small spaces. The first of the two Robocombi units installed after Corima’s assembling machine picks up the cylinders with the syringes inside and places them on a positive-motion bucket conveyor belt, in alternated direction, namely with the caps turned by 180°. The second Robocombi installed downstream from the first one, at the end of the bucket chain, picks up several containers at a time and places them on the loading chain conveyor of the cartoning machine, which then places them inside a carton. A bundle overwrapping machine MF910MINI is installed at the outlet of the cartoning machine.
Thanks to the technologies exploited, to the extensive application of robotic systems and to the flexibility of the machines, Marchesini is an undisputed leader of this market because it is able to offer lines for the primary and secondary packaging of pre-filled syringes and with speeds of up to 400 pieces per minute.