Corporate Social Responsibility


The sustainability strategy

Marchesini Group has wanted to share its commitment in achieving its economic, social and environmental sustainability goals for a long time. An initial step in this direction was made in 2015, when the company implemented its Code of Ethics, followed by publishing the first Sustainability Report referred to 2015.

In 2015, the Group continued to strive toward sustainability by maintaining and increasing its investments in projects connected to researching increasingly sustainable products, by reinforcing the development process of its human resources, by actively taking part in projects and initiatives of public interest and by reducing the environmental impact of its products and production activities as far as possible.

The sustainability strategy of Marchesini Group focuses on sustainable technology and innovation of the solutions offered to its customers, environmental responsibility of the production processes, safeguard of the environment, management of relations with the local communities where it works, attention toward safety at the workplace and personnel development.

Marchesini Group and its Stakeholders

Through this report, Marchesini Group aims to express its desire to establish a clear and transparent communication channel with its stakeholders concerning the activities and concerning the economic, social and environmental achievements in 2015.

The contents of this document have been prepared by getting the various corporate functions involved in order to reach a clear and exact indication of the important information for stakeholders according to the principles of materiality, importance, accuracy, comparability, promptness and reliability.

To be able to collect the data required to prepare the indicators requested quickly and efficiently, a work group consisting of the reference people of each function has been set up and coordinated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. In this way, similar to the method already implemented for the Code of Ethics, the project coordinator has direct and continuous relationships with each function, minimising the meetings of the work group.

Sustainability approach

Marchesini Group strives to work responsibly through a business model in which sustainability is a characteristic element of its choices. It aims to create value for its stakeholders and to ensure the sustainable development of the Group and of the areas in which it works.

The necessity to offer solutions that anticipate and satisfy customers' needs means that Marchesini Group invests in cutting-edge processes, products and services. For this purpose, the Group strives to improve its competences in "customer centricity", research and innovation, environment and sustainability and employment development.