An Extraordinary Future

For Marchesini Group, staying abreast of the times means mainstreaming skills and experiences, because while individual inventiveness may be ingenious and intuitive, it cannot suffice unless shared with a wider team.

Ongoing training and an excellent Research & Development division constitute an investment in the future and a competitive edge not just for the Group, but for the workforce too, with its ever-higher level of preparedness for technological and organisational innovation in the production process. In Marchesini Group, offices, factories and sites are not just workplaces and manufacturing facilities but veritable nurseries where skills are constantly nurtured and boosted by new ideas and by stimuli from an incredibly fast-moving, dynamic and unpredictable global market.

Precisely as a result of this inherent mindset, Marchesini Group, more than other companies, has always dared to go out on a limb and position itself where the horizon of futurability takes shape. The wherewithal to create new products and new services is simultaneously expressed in the ability to generate new production mechanisms, new technologies and new internal organisational dynamics at every level, so that the changes taking place are already in line with what is to come. Innovations, above all the most visionary ones, always come to light in an environment that is ripe for them: a company management conducive to change, which favours the exchange of ideas and, to the best of its ability, facilitates the sharing of skills and the valorisation of talent.

Marchesini Group sees the company as a unique entity which is ideally prepared, motivated and free to create, and it is this approach that the Group intends to leverage to maintain its position of global leadership in a crucial, strategic sector for the market.