A Futuristic Present

Marchesini Group is unquestionably a major international manufacturer, but first and foremost it is a family whose members are passionate about their work, as well as a team of people who firmly believe that the synthesis of manual skills, robotic innovation and the latest advances in digitalisation can unveil incredible frontiers.

As early as the ’90s, Marchesini Group had already anticipated the arrival of what is now commonly referred to as Industry 4.0: the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, digital traceability and 3D printing are all inventions that stemmed from the need to abandon standard operating systems and to design and produce in-house all the key components of automatic machines, allowing the company even then to lead the way in introducing these technological innovations.

Now, with the fourth Industrial Revolution in full swing, Marchesini Group has the ability to develop reliable and highly innovative solutions in-house by combining its use of artisan skills handed down through the decades with the introduction of avant-garde technologies. Ideas, ingenuity and functionality pose the only limit to the design creativity of engineers and technicians, whose modus operandi reflects the management’s exceptional, visionary approach to business.

The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms now play an increasingly key role in day-to-day operations: augmented reality applied to design, eco-sustainable solutions supported by additive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, continuous manufacturing, digital twins: these are not frontiers to aim towards but everyday attempts to identify increasingly effective and efficient production processes that not only can give substance to Industry 4.0 paradigms, but can even anticipate the trends of Industry 5.0 or – as it has already been coined – Collaborative Industry.