Scada System & Line Management

Marchesini Group AI Program

The  SCADA systems provide feedback to operators on a full check-up of the machine‚Äôs mechanical and functional status at any time and in any place, be it physical or remote. They constantly track vital parameters, offering a variety of functions, such as pinpointing and correcting feasible problems on the systems, finding inefficiencies linked to the operators or allowing the different and complex systems and machinery to communicate with each other, detecting the status of the various devices and components at any time.

The efficient use of SCADA systems cuts machine monitoring costs thanks to real-time access to all the information concerning the industrial processes, from the simplest, such as the status of vision systems, pressure and temperature values, to more sophisticated information. Vertical integration of the production lines with the SCADA systems and Line Management systems improve the productivity, quality and flexibility indicators. Such improvements depend less on human actions and more on automation and interlinked systems.