Managerial training development


If the position in the company so requires, the Talent Garage prepares new recruits through targeted training courses for managerial levels and the development of management skills.

It is in this context that the company sealed a strategic collaboration with Bologna Business School - the management school of Bologna University - to allow 34 collaborators to complete a 15-month course, at the end of which they will receive a Master in Business Administration (MBA). The pilot course was launched in 2019 for ten collaborators - 
who have already successfully completed a pilot Executive MBA - followed in 2020 by the first edition of the Master, which was tailored in partnership with the teaching staff to meet the Group’s training objectives.

Other courses will follow in the coming years, with teaching set to range from theory-based courses to practical courses in the following fields:

  • Business strategy
  • Performance management
  • Corporate finance
  • People management
  • Marketing and sales of industrial assets
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Data science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Business law

The aim of this project and of those to come is to train the future managers of the Packaging Valley in Emilia-Romagna, where the major Italian packaging companies are located and belong to a sector, which for the first time in 2019 exceeded a turnover of 8 billion Euro (source: Ucima).