Continuous motion compact automatic machine with synchro-dynamic product transport system, suitable for counting and filling bottles with tablets, caplets, oblong pills and capsules.

If properly equipped, it can cap the bottles with screw caps, alu-caps or press-on caps.

Main features:

  • Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms.
  • Balcony style bottles conveyor belt with automatic adjustment of bottle height and diameter.
  • Two (2) electronic counting groups, each one composed of 2 vibrating trays at 12 channels.
  • Synchro-dynamic product transfer system for each counting group.
  • Self-learning system to insert and memorize new product recipes on the PC, with subsequent recall from the display.
  • Guided adjustments for easy and quick size changeover.   
Diameter of round bottle (A): 30 - 70 mm
Width x Width, square bottle (B): 30 - 70 mm
Long side, rectangular bottle (C): 30 - 70 mm
Short side, rectangular bottle (D): 30 - 70 mm
Total bottle height, without closure (G): 50 - 140 mm
Closure height (H): 10 - 45 mm
External diameter of closure (L): 7 - 45 mm
Production speed: Up to 150 bottles/min

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