Code of Ethics

Our core mission has allowed us to expand worldwide without hesitation, thanks above all to our constant efforts to conduct a responsible business.

We are firmly convinced that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and this too depends on our business ethics. This value has to be maintained and improved every day, everywhere, striving to guarantee high standards of integrity, legality, transparency and respect.

The Code of Ethics encompasses an array of principles and attitudes that not only preserve the safety, freedom and dignity of People, as laid down by law, but above all encourage us to do our best at all times and to continue to grow responsibly.

Well aware of the complexity of the situations and the economic, institutional, social and cultural contexts in which we work, we believe it is important to clearly define the values that the Marchesini Group acknowledges, accepts and promotes. The values stated herein inspire the actions and the culture of the Group and are what make our business special. It is fundamental to respect the principles of the Code of Ethics to ensure our long-term reputation, trustworthiness and success.
All the activities of the Marchesini Group are carried out according to law, with fair play, honesty, integrity and decency, respecting the legitimate interests of all the Stakeholders and, in particular, Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Consultants, Trading and Financial Partners and the Communities where the Marchesini Group has its facilities.

All the People who work or collaborate with the Marchesini Group, without any distinctions or exceptions whatsoever, strive to observe and implement the Code of Ethics while fulfilling their functions and responsibilities. Their firm belief to work in the interest of the Marchesini Group cannot in any way justify feasible actions that could go against these principles.

The Managers who lead their teams are responsible for putting the values of the Code of Ethics into practice. They, themselves, shall make their teams aware that to act according to the principles of the Code of Ethics is an essential element of the world of the Marchesini Group.

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Third edition 2023