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2019 Sustainability Report

«During our 2018 Sustainability Report presentation, Professor Stefano Zamagni, father of the “Civil Economy” and president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, claimed that our approach to social responsibility incorporates additional values that transform it into a commitment to civil responsibility.

While the drive to implement social responsibility was limited to requiring enterprises to provide faithful accounts of their activities and disclose the effects of their actions on the community, not just in terms of traditional business performance parameters, with civil responsibility the company extends its range of action to assume responsibility for the cultural, social, and environmental aspects of its environment, becoming, in its own interest, an agent for improvement of the quality of an area and a contributory agent in establishing conditions of “public happiness”, thereby assuring the sustainability of human development considered globally.

All our operations are conducted in the awareness of our ethical and social responsibility in respect of our stakeholders, in the conviction that achieving economic goals cannot be divorced from the establishment of stakeholder relationships based on values of honesty, integrity, fair competition, and decency.

Our desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction guides our sales strategy, supported by major investments in R&D activities so we can design and build advanced machines and lines that allow our customers to create automated, computerized factories and take their place among the key players in the Industry 4.0 revolution.
All these strategic bullet points are condensed into actions and projects that allow us to pursue a path of sustainability and transparency in the medium and long-term»

2019 Sustainability Report
2018 Sustainability Report
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2018 Sustainability Report Presentation

April 2019, Headquarters, Pianoro, Bologna