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Sustainability report


The Marchesini Group pursues its business model focused on sustainability and social and economic responsibility.
It is indeed aware that the sustainability of its business, broadly speaking, is fundamental to create value for all of its stakeholders, ensuring the development not only of the Group but of the areas where it works too.

The contents herein are presented with the modular approach used in the 2015 edition, based on the three qualifying value cornerstones stated in the Group’s Code of Ethics:
1. Creating value through behavioural integrity, innovation expertise and promoting excellence at all levels.
2. Enhancing people, safeguarding their wellbeing and encouraging sharing and collaboration.
3. Transparency and completeness of the information flows, bonds with the land and development sustainability.

The strategy’s founding principles over the long-medium term are always found in the Mission (“Because you are our mission”) and in the Vision (“on-going achievement of excellence and innovation in full compliance with legal provisions and standards and according to the Code of Ethics”).

With increasing focus on customer centricity, the Group constantly commits to developing and applying leadingedge technological solutions in order to offer its customers the best machines available on the market and to satisfy their needs with effective, efficient and sustainable solutions. In the field of automatic machinery for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the Group is among the four leaders worldwide; this is why its approach in challenging sustainability topics also aims at matching the importance that multinational enterprises working in the reference markets give to the topics dealt with when they write the ratings of the partner companies.


The Marchesini Group strives to satisfy the requests and the interests of its stakeholders; in other words, everyone (people, groups and organisations) connected to the company by economic relationships, interests of various kinds or because they are significantly affected by it.

This report provides the stakeholders with an overall view of the Group's performance in terms of sustainability. In this way, stakeholders can assess the Group's activity more completely.

The stakeholder engagement activity also entails periodic audits concerning interests and economic, human, professional and social expectations, in order to better assess their coherence with the set targets.

This process has led to pinpointing and mapping (composition, method of involvement, reference topics and targets to be reached) all the stakeholders of the Marchesini Group.

In 2016, the Materiality Matrix was setup, namely the evaluation of the trade-off between the level of meaningfulness of the economic, environmental and social impacts for the Company and the importance they have for the stakeholders.


2018 Sustainability Report Presentation

April 2019, Headquarters, Pianoro, Bologna