Sustainability Report

Maurizio Marchesini - Chairman


Dear stakeholders,

As I introduce our eighth Sustainability Report, published once more on a voluntary basis, I would like to share with you our fundamental reasons for pursuing this path. Our vision has always been the creation of economic, social
and environmental value with long-term sustainability for our stakeholders, our staff and the geographical community within which we operate. This means pursuing a growth model based on the sharing of non-negotiable values: a passion for what we do; a commitment to the constant upgrading of skills; the transfer of the knowledge gained; a focus on occupational health and safety; and a welcoming attitude to new colleagues and gratitude to those who are coming to the end of their careers. We also greatly enjoy working actively to share our cultural riches with the community and everyone we meet for any reason during the conduct of our business: customers and suppliers.
Then there is the issue of the environment, an impelling concern not just because of the strict new regulations with which we are forced to comply but also in view of the stronger and stronger warning signs our planet is giving us, with more and more devastating effects.
In our 2021 Report I talked about “Reconstruction”: we were gradually emerging from the Pandemic – which we also helped to fight, thanks to our technologies – and preparing to deal with the human costs of the painful losses and the severe economic problems generated, which hit many entrepreneurs very hard. We still did not know that we were going to be living through a war, with tragic consequences on not only the human and social but also the economic level, to which there is no end in sight as yet.


It is going to be even more difficult to reconstruct a new normality. The performance of the European markets, under pressure from soaring energy costs, the shortage of raw materials and a political instability which poses problems for long-term planning, is also seriously hampered by other internal factors, unfortunately common to many of the continent’s countries: the falling birthrate, the employment mismatch, and the
propagation of pockets of poverty and social deprivation.
Although aware of the difficulties posed by the current time, we are still confident that every one of us can do their part in conveying a message of hope and rebirth. The values the Marchesini Group aims to communicate through the work of every member of its staff can help to inspire trust, the basis for a courageous response to the challenges that await us.
As we mentioned in the introduction to the last Sustainability Report, it was with this aim that in 2021 we decided to emphasise the strength of our core values by establishing Fondazione Marchesini ACT, which is now fully operational. ACT stands for Avant-garde, Culture and Territory, meaning innovation, curiosity, a drive towards the new, love of research, inclusion through knowledge, the valuing of diversity as a source of reciprocal enrichment, a focus onpeople and their fulfilment, and an appreciation of local  and national traditions. Fondazione Marchesini ACT is a fine representation of the entrepreneurial philosophy of the Group’s directors, who are convinced that values must be shared to create a positive network that will not only achieve the company’s business objectives but also plant a seed able to transform work into a means of realising the potential of people and the societies in which they live.
This spirit is essential for confidently facing the technological and other challenges that await us. Our history, the history of Marchesini Group, teaches us that the human dimension is fundamental for even the most futuristic innovation, because a close-knit community of people with a passion for their work is the only real guarantee of growth and progress. The figures in this report are the proof of this.

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