Sustainability Report

Maurizio Marchesini - Chairman


Dear stakeholders,

We have arrived at our seventh Sustainability Report, published, as always, on a voluntary basis to share with you the vision of our polar star during the year in which vaccination campaigns, in which we had the burden and the honour of taking part with our technologies, were widely disseminated: to guarantee satisfactory economic results for the company and well-being for our employees, without ever losing sight of the limited availability of the planet’s resources and respect for the land in which we operate.

The past year has been one of highs and lows. The pandemic caused a perfect storm that affected the ganglia of our economy and our daily lives. Fortunately, despite its atavistic criticalities, the country’s system reacted, raising its head - as always - in times of great difficulty, with the aim of rebuilding a new normality.

We did the same as a company, by reflexively involving all those who are directly and indirectly responsible for the operation of our business. I refer first of all to our customers around the world: our greatest effort has been to create and standardise new procedures for the testing and delivery of our technologies. Then I am talking about our suppliers, an operational microcosm made up of small and very small production companies whose work is essential for the proper functioning of the Group.

The integrity of the socio-economic fabric of the entire country depends on the nourishment and development of this fragmented yet strategic supply chain: that is why we have inaugurated an innovative Master’s degree programme dedicated exclusively to our sub-supply chain.

I was talking about reconstruction. In 2021, with this in mind, we decided to focus even more on the values of identity and solidarity by setting up the Marchesini ACT Foundation, an acronym that stands for the concepts of Avant-garde, Culture and Territory. Avant-garde understood as innovation, curiosity, a drive towards the new, and a love for research; Culture signifies not only knowledge and technical culture, but also inclusion through knowledge, diversity as a value and mutual enrichment; and, finally, Territory, with a focus on the enhancement of people as well as local and national traditions.

If the Foundation can be understood as our eye to the outside world, corporate welfare - to which part of the new Sustainability Report is dedicated – represents an increasingly intense and multifaceted focus on our employees, to whom my gratitude and greetings go. All of them, in different ways and forms, have contributed to the achievement of the company’s results, partly also thanks to their willingness to vaccinate themselves at an early stage and to follow the recommendations and advice aimed at leading our large family into the future.

A future that - I am sure - will be bright for all those who share dreams and work together, step by step, to build its foundations.

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