LT Series

LT Series


This model is a further step in the integrity control, and it is suitable for products packaged in single dose plastic strips.

The essential design, combined with the reliability of the HVLD system developed during the years by CMP, is the main characteristic of this model.

The inspection system is based on the High Voltage Leak Detection technology by using a high voltage electrical field and impedance measurement to check the product with customized electrodes.



  • Plastic ampoules in strips
  • Height from 50 mm to 120 mm


  • Hairline fissures and pinholes


  • TV camera system for printing control
Speed: Up to 24000 pieces/h
Ampoules: 1 ml / 25 ml
Vials: 2R / 30R
Cartidges: 1 ml / 3 ml
Plastic Strip: max. h. 110 mm / max. l. 150 mm

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