Models SA9F and SA10 are automatic inspection machines to inspect ampoules (only SA9F), and vials with capacity up to 500ml (SA10).

The maximum production outputs is 150 pcs/min for SA9F and 100 pcs/min for SA10.

These models are suitable to operate both stand alone and in line with other machines.



  • SA9F capacity: from 1 ml to 100 ml
  • SA10 capacity: from 5 ml to 500 ml


  • Extraneous reflecting and no reflecting particles, fibres, glasses
  • Correct filling level


  • Tip/cap cosmetic control (shape, height, black spots, position of the cap)
  • Ring/cap colour control
  • Colour of the product
  • Sidewalls glass defects


Feautured Model: SA10

Diameters: 16 mm - 49 mm | 16 mm - 78 mm
Height: Up to 250 mm
Production speed: 150 | 100 pcs/min

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