2020 CONTRIBUTION: 2,000 euro

The Franciscan Festival aims to rediscover, communicate, actualize and give tangible form to the values of Francis of Assisi, in the conviction that they can help to overcome the various types of crisis – identity political, values, environmental – that have become a feature of our daily lives. In fact, Saint Francis continues to attract both religious and non-religious admirers, who are fascinated by the culture of respect (for others, for oneself, and for creation) that Italy's Patron Saint personifies. To transmit, also to the most distant, the Franciscan values of brotherhood, humility, charity, dialogue, and peace, the event organiser Movimento Francescano
dell’Emilia-Romagna decided to adopt a “festival formula”, creating an event to provide an occasion to take to the streets, among people making connections and engaging in open discussion, in the manner of
Saint Francis.

In the streets, among the people, to provide an answer to the deeper motive behind the event; Resilient, capable of adapting to change; Gratis, free access; Friendly, created to promote connection, feedback and dialogue; Diffused, continues throughout the entire year; In relation, involves in programme construction activities.