2020 CONTRIBUTION: 3,000 euro
Sponsorship of the “Famiglia della gioia” project

The project concerns two 85 sq. m apartments with a communal room of 30 sq. m in which weekly afternoon and daily workshops are held, programmes with preschools and primary schools and weekends of engagement between people with disabilities, young people, volunteers and families. In particular, with the sponsored project the workshops were doubled (from two to four), it was possible to bring in an additional 12 disabled people, and it was also possible to expand the network of participating volunteers and hire two new staff. The aim is to reach a condition of self-sustainability in the first three years of activity, which will be possible especially with the kitchen workshop and sale of its products, in addition to a possible increase of the beneficiaries and employment possibilities of disabled or occupationally disadvantaged persons.
Despite the pandemic period, to date it has been possible to: engage a total of 30 people in disability situations; expand the network of volunteers involved (around 12 young people and adults), allow the
participation of 8 voluntary workers in situations of fragility either due to age or conditions; increase the engagement of labour resources. A selection of the results achieved: increase from 60
to 80% of coverage of costs through self-financing; career path proposals for some disabled young people participating in the workshops.