2020 CONTRIBUTION: 100,000 euro
Support for urgent maintenance of San Bartolomeo church

The church of San Bartolomeo di Musiano (Pianoro) is the remnant of a monastic complex with records dating back to the year 981. With regard to the location of the complex, from its foundation the monastery stood on the Tuscany road, one of the main communication routes between the Po Valley (and the Bologna district in particular) and the southern slopes of the Apennines. This has been amply documented since the 11th Century, but the road has undoubtedly been carrying out its important function of connection with Tuscany since the Dark Ages. It was a strata that, apart from in numerous documents, is recorded from the end of the 11th Century in a map dated 1085, in which between the boundaries of a group of properties purchased from private citizens, we also find the public road qui pergit a Musiliano.
In addition to being a prestigious historic, architectural and artistic heritage site in Pianoro, where the Group has its headquarters, it is also a church of special significance for the Marchesini family.
The disastrous condition of the church building calls for urgent major restoration and structural consolidation works, which the parish is unable to finance without outside help.