2020 CONTRIBUTION: 5,000 euro
Sponsorship of the “Inclusione” project

Mariele Ventre was a tireless and inspired woman who was used to getting the job done; she was strict and demanding, ensuring that each child was committed to their studies; she made the effort to understand the
needs of each child, discovering their potential; then, once she had understood, she made sure each child realised his or her full potential and reached those all-important results.
In San Pietro in Casale, in the province of Bologna, there is a place where children from 6 to 11 years of age can experience school in an “old and new” way. It seems impossible to keep these two visions together,
but those who attend the “Mariele Ventre” school know that this challenge is met and overcome day after day.
From the start, the school became a place of hospitality, especially for children with special educational needs: children with disabilities and/or learning difficulties; children from difficult backgrounds; children
from difficult school experiences with severely damaged self-esteem in need of recovery. The first thing required for such children is an “educational assistant” to help the teacher so that children with difficulties
can work with their peers and progress with their educational development. The progress made in school was incredible... and it was not limited just to these special needs children.
IN...CLUSIVE education as a method is used to guarantee participation of all the children in a learning process because they are people and not because they are in a special category: it's the “art of blending” different
skills, propensities, and abilities, using the class as an educational community. Another strength is the synergy between school, family, and specialists. To do all this, since we are a home school not entitled to any form of government subsidy, we need contributions from the private sector. Our “IN...CLUSIONE” project was developed precisely for this purpose: to find a source of economic support so we could allow children with special needs and their families to choose our school. The presence of a special child is a precious asset for all. The possibility of choosing an “IN...CLUSIVE” school should be open to all.