2020 CONTRIBUTION: 20,000 euro
Sponsorship for recovery activities, peer activities and Co-design Co-construction.

L’ARCO is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting the recovery of persons with mental illness or social anxiety. Thanks also to the Marchesini Group sponsorship, in 2020 the Association was  able to provide 35 individual recovery programmes simultaneously, thus increasing the potential offering of its services and the contribution of facilitators. L’Arco also consolidated the experience of the courses,
allowing several qualified experiences of training for facilitators and intensifying relations with organisations in the area, both related and unrelated, with the aim of helping to promote a culture of respect,
reciprocity, and trust in the possibility of recovery of all those affected. The association will continue to consolidate its network with its institutional partners (municipal council, local health authority, third sector institutions, business enterprises) to obtain feedback also from these sources in relation to the nature and effectiveness of its activity: starting from its independence, l’Arco intends to assist with the promotion of social integration and
well-being, maintaining relations of “correspondence” with various reference parties of the urban community