2020 CONTRIBUTION: 10,000 euro
Support for the organisation's diagnostic and treatment activities

Fondazione Il Bene, together with all its associations, places the focus on assistance and help of all those who, faced with serious illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, struggle to deal with the consequences alone. The foundation is designed to act as a point of reference and a constant source of assistance for the physical and psychological support of patients and their families. One of the priorities is to help patients understand that they are not alone and that they can rely not only on the healthcare facilities but on entire communities ready to offer their support. Fondazione Il Bene acts through its associations to reach patients directly and improve or alleviate their conditions.

At the present time, in which social relations are fading, the foundation does its utmost to continue to operate despite all the anti-Covid restrictions imposed, because the need to support people with limited access to the facilities and services it provides has never been greater.

The patients served by the il BENE Centre are more than 2000, of whom 1300 suffer from multiple sclerosis, 400 from myasthenia and 400 from rare diseases.

This activity is guaranteed thanks to the work of 80 volunteers, who supply more than 9000 hours of service every year.