Marzo 8, 2018


Our customers are assisted actively by our Customer Care department. Staff training is a fundamental function in which the Group has always invested. The service team of over 100 mechanical and electronic experts work around the world, backed by over 200 technicians based in Italy. They are all highly trained and co-ordinated to guarantee immediate response and assistance to every single customer (within 12 hours in Europe and North America, 24 hours in the rest of the world).

For the same reason, we offer training services for our customers’ machine operators and technicians to hand our know-how over to them too. Personnel can be trained at their own premises or at Marchesini. The Group offers this innovative service in order to support its customers even after the machine has been sold, assisting both personnel and machinery. Training is carried out by experts and is tailored to customers’ specific needs, according to certain aspects, such as the past experience of personnel to be trained and type of use and level of customisation of the machine on which they will work.

Lifetime assistance on refurbished machines

Lifetime assistance is offered to customers of new machines and refurbished machines alike. As of January 2018, the new company Rinova will consolidate this business, making us a reference point in this segment too. 

  • Rinova offers customers guaranteed second-hand machines that comprise all the advantages of machines made by the Marchesini Group. They can be customised based on the product to be packaged, on the reference market involved and on the requests for partially or completely retrofitted solutions;
  • By purchasing a machine directly from Rinova, customers get the benefits offered through Marchesini’s know-how both at the time of purchase as well as after sales;
  • Rinova offers buyers a qualified personal Customer Care service, capable of thoroughly supporting customers with regard to spare parts, design planning and the software implemented.