Marzo 8, 2018


We own over 500 industrial patents which have been requested or obtained by the partners of the Marchesini galaxy. We have developed in-house robotic applications and innovative solutions to be used in both our core pharmaceutical business and in the cosmetics and food industry.

All of our granted patents have been registered first and foremost in Italy and subsequently abroad following the procedure of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. This procedure helps to protect inventions in each of its member states through one unified international application.

We protect the “dance” of our robots

The robotic applications installed on our machines are one of the most appreciated mainstays because they boost flexibility and adaptability of the actual machines and improve product and package handling.  We design and build all of our robots in Pianoro. They are managed by proprietor software which we again develop ourselves. Because we do not use “commercial” technologies, we are able to improve our customer services because we can intervene quickly and effectively on these devices during installation or when a malfunction occurs. In other words, we know exactly how these robots work and exactly what to do whatever the customer asks us.

Strange as it may seem, the patents of robotic applications do not actually concern the robots, but they defend the working methods or rather how the robot itself moves: its modern “dance” around the product and packaging conveyors.

Mr. Robocombi

Let’s take a look at our Robocombi, the anthropomorphic Pick & Place place that links the machines downstream and upstream. The patented movement enables pick-up, transfer and, if requested, bundling or stacking of products and packages by the robot.

The Robocombi therefore contributes in making the machinery extremely flexible so they can handle various types and shapes of products: blisters, strips, buckets, flow packs, squeezable or rigid tubes, syringes, cartons without needing substantial modifications to production times and setups.  It also optimises product and package handling because the pick and placing devices are precise and delicate to ensure a damage-free process.