Carpi | Modena

Blister & Farcon Division


Farcon was established in 1968, specialising in third-party manufacturing of thermoformed containers for medicines and material processing. Taken over by Marchesini Group in 2002, Farcon became a market leader thanks to consolidated experience in the production of deep draw thermoforming machines for packaging, commissioned by leading partners in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and medical device sectors.

Gamma was founded in 1979, specialising in the manufacture of innovative automatic machines for major brands in the pharmaceutical and food sectors. In 1985, after developing numerous innovative blister packaging machines, it was taken over by Marchesini Group.

2016 saw the inauguration of a cutting-edge plant for the newly-established Blister & Farcon division, which with its 14,000 m² footprint, instantly became Italy’s biggest production plant for thermoforming machines. The plant houses the full complement of Marchesini technologies for thermoforming and cold forming with high, medium and low draw depth for primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging.

The Carpi plant – a modern, smart factory which offers clients around the world highly customised solutions – is fully automated with high-tech domotics. In addition, it is equipped with technologies which meet 35% of its energy needs and allow the recovery of some of the energy generated by machines to heat the plant and provide hot water for sanitation.


Square meterage: 15,052

Employees: 117

Director: Raffaele Cisalpini


Via Emilia Romagna 14 - 41012 Carpi (Modena), Italy