Barberino del Mugello | Florence

Neri Division

Labelling Machines

Neri was established in the ‘70s in Florence, specialising in the production of bottle washing and sterilising machines: immediate market success prompted the company to expand its business with the addition of product labelling machines.

In 1975, Neri entered into a joint venture with the 2M company and, in October 2008, Marchesini Group acquired full ownership of the Florentine firm: this takeover operation enabled the multinational group to offer a more specialised and cutting-edge high-tech product, providing complete packaging lines.

Today, in addition to products for primary packaging - machines with jets of compressed air for cleaning and sterilising bottles - the Neri Division also produces machines for secondary packaging, expressly labelling machines for all types of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products: vials, ampoules, cartons, bottles, mascaras, lipsticks and cosmetic containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, for medium and high speeds. Labelling machines - both rotary and linear - may have traditional or balcony structures, and all meet the highest standards and current good manufacturing practices.

Thanks to their outstanding flexibility, Neri Division machines are the best on the market for meeting the traceability and anti-counterfeiting requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

Square meterage: 10,340
Employees: 157
Director: Guido Boddi


Via Pian della Fonda 6 - 50031 Barberino del Mugello (Firenze), Italia