Pianoro | Bologna


Refurbished Machines

Rinova S.r.l. – established in 2018 – is the Marchesini Group company specialised in the refurbishment of customer-owned Marchesini machines and the sale of refurbished Marchesini machines, for both primary packaging and end-of-line processes: blister packaging machines, sachet filling machines, labelling machines, cartoning machines, cellophane wrappers and stretch and shrink banding machines, case packers and palletisers.

While “second life” machinery has always been part of the Marchesini Group business model, the launch of Rinova saw it entrusted to a dedicated organisation for the first time. Rinova has its own registered company name, its own plant and a specialised team of mechanics, electricians and software engineers who, after extensive experience in Marchesini Group, have embraced the philosophy of industrial salvage, passing on their know-how every day to younger colleagues.

The chosen logo, an O which represents the recycling symbol, sums up the company’s core business: a Rinova refurbished machine is a solution destined to have a long production life, guaranteeing the customer a sound investment.


Square meterage: 1,700

Employees: 18

Director: Alessandro Gessi



Via dell’Artigiano 9 - 40065 Pianoro (Bologna), Italy