The Compact-24 is a monoblock machine for filling and capping bottles with tablets, capsules or pills.
On the Compact-24, innovation is put at the service of simplification in format change, to meet the increasingly pressing needs of maintaining the highest quality standards and performances, even in the presence of different products and counts in small or medium-sized batches. To achieve this result, an innovative magnetic movement transport system was used.
It allows to overcome the typical limits of normal transport systems, by means of the totally autonomous handling of each single bottle: positioning, grouping, speed of movement are just some of the parameters that make this system unique.

Bottle transport is the new platform on which the Compact-24 was developed. A machine designed to break all schemes. In fact, each shuttle moves autonomously, positioning and grouping itself according to the required operating sequence.
The important linear speeds reachable with these technologies allow to minimise the bottle exchange times, as well as the recovery of empty shuttles in an incredibly fast way.

Format change operations have also been simplified by means of the new transport system. From the panel, there will be the possibility to both position the groups and simplify accessibility to the parts to be replaced, all in a “plug and play” mode.

The counting section is made up of two counting groups of 12 channels each. Each group can be further divided into 6 + 6 channels, by means of the “twin flap” function. This function, which can be activated in the presence of low counts, allows the machine to reach a speed of 150 bottles / 1 ‘. In this case too, both the very high speed of movement and the wide possibilities of balancing obtainable with the new transport are the tools to achieve these performances.

The balancing flap guarantees an accurate distribution of the quantity of products fed into the two respective wells. In this way, the count will always be ready and a few millimetres from the empty bottle below.

The flexibility made possible by the new conveyor system, together with the positioning accuracy that can be obtained, allowed to install a capping group consisting of six heads on a rotary system with continuous movement. This solution guarantees high production speeds while maintaining the availability of very long times during the delicate capping phase. Each head is equipped with an independent brushless motor, with continuous control of the applied torque.

Control systems verify all the processing sequences provided within the Compact-24. If they do not confirm the correctness of the processing, the bottle is rejected in a special dedicated channel and the alarm is displayed and recorded.

The orientation and feeding of the caps take place by means of an elevator / orientator able to select the caps based on their balance: the Eco 400. The system is very efficient and works with no need of compressed air. In this case too, the format change takes place through the “plug & play” replacement of the drop chute.

Downstream of the Eco 400 it is possible to install a cap printing and control system, together with the automatic rejection of non-compliant caps. In this way, in addition to being able to inspect the lower area of the cap before it is fed, the subsequent waste of the entire bottle and the corresponding unnecessary waste are avoided.

The machine can be equipped with a 100% weight control system. Two inbound and two outbound stations perform the check: before the tare of the bottle and after the gross weight of the same bottles. Variations related to production tolerances and the presence of accessory components (i.e. silica gel) are eliminated.

The basic VALIDA system provides for the control of shape, size and colour of the products, bymeans of 4 high frame rate RGB cameras. The system tracks each individual tablet, during the last stage of advancement, where the products are oriented on a special format insert. The tracking of each single product allows them to be counted and to follow their path even during the fall phase, effectively VALIDATING the count by means of the subsequent passage in front of the sensor box.

The natural complement to the 2D control is the verification of the thickness of the products in transit. This further control is done by projecting a sequence of patterns. The analysis of these projections allows to accurately detect the thickness of the products, even in the presence of disturbances generated by their advancement by vibration.

A series of 12 motorized deflectors carry out the rejection of defective products, without slowing down in any way the normal progress. The particular configuration of the deflectors and their perfect synchronization with the advancement of the product, allow to intercept the single tablet without impacting the production speed and in complete safety. The sensor box that validates the count performed by the cameras will confirm the actual rejection of the defective tablet.

Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms.
Every detail has been designed giving attention to all aspects related to ergonomics and operator safety


  • 2D and 3D control by means of cameras with relevant PC, for the product verification
  • Caps feeding group
  • HarleNIR system for the verification of the active principle contained in the product
  • RABS-type isolator cabinet
  • Rejection system for the single no-compliant product
  • TWIN FLAP special functions to increase the machine production speed
  • 100% product weight control unit (resolution: 0,01 gr)
  • Dual head cotton feeding group
  • Desiccant feeding group
Round Bottle Ø A = 30 - 125 mm
Square Bottles (width x width) B = 30 - 88 mm
Rectangular Bottles (Long side) C = 30 - 95 mm
Rectangular bottle (Short side) D = 30 - 80 mm
Bottle height, without closure G = 50 - 220 mm
Closure height I = 10 - 32 mm
External diameter of closure L = 10 - 80 mm
Tablet Ø 05 - 20 mm
Capsule size from 000 to 5
Bottles/min: Up to 150

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