The machines of the MT SERIES are stickpack machines at 10 lanes, operating at intermittent motion to form, fill and seal “stick-packs” starting from single reel of flexible heat-sealable packaging material, equipped with:

  • Auger Filler dosing unit at 10 lanes suitable for pharmaceutical dry products, either powder and granules;
  • 10 augers screw filler designed in accordance to the product specifications. Each Auger Screw lane, is independently driven by Brushless motor to allow a perfect dosing accuracy and eventual volume/weight self-correction in case the line is equipped with a checkweigher (through the Feedback packet correction system);
  • 10 forming tubes with collars, blocks and fingers which are able to self-centring and guiding the film properly into forming channels;
  • GROUP OF FAST RELEASE to allow the disassembly of the main stations (which composing the machine) in a quick, safe and ergonomic manner, in order to guarantee a high efficiency for maintenance, cleaning or format-size change;
  • NO HTRP: special machine design and construction in order to remove - or to reduce to minimum - all Hard To Reach Points on operating site (no exposed cables, piping, motors, cylinders …etc.), for an easy access and cleaning operations.
Reel outer diameter: 600 mm (23,6”)
Stickpack width: min. 18 mm (0,70”), max 60mm (2.36”)
Stickpack length: from 60 to 160 mm (2,36” - 6,29”)
Cycles/minute: up to 65 (depending on the stick and product)

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