COMBI 3 BS / 3 BSR / 1BS

The COMBI-3BS is a continuous motion machine for plungering, labelling and assembling of open type backstop on syringes.

The version COMBI-3BSR is able to install closed and open type backstop prior plungering and labelling of the syringe.

The Model COMBI-1BS is available for backstop assembling only.


Main features:

  • Perfect operational repeatability;
  • Easy to use;
  • Minimal installation space;
  • Designed to manage each component with positive logic;
  • Totally customizable, with wide choice of optional units (e.g. Vision system, printing systems, feeding systems, etc);
  • High flexibility and capacity to process glass or plastic syringes.


Standard constructional specifications:

  • Automatic syringe loading on roller conveyor;
  • Automatic loading of the plungers with elevator and roller conveyor or with vibrating feeder;
  • No syringe – No plunger loaded;
  • Totally parameterizable screwing unit;
  • Plunger assembly control;
  • External labelling unit complete with unwinder, printer lodging and rewinder of label tape;
  • Label reel management and control;
  • Automatic label distribution and application system;
  • "Label applied" control;
  • Automatic loading of backstops with elevator, sorting unit and buffer conveyor;
  • No syringe – No backstop loaded;
  • Backstop assembly on syringe;
  • Backstop presence control on the syringe;
  • "Good/reject" product sorter with motorized flap to ensure great reliability and speed;
  • Automatic rejection and counting for each error with collection on external box;
  • Compliant and non-compliant product unloading verification.
  • Unloading and counting of compliant products on guide or by no-contact robotized systems;
Syringes: from 0,5 to 20 ml
COMBI 1 BS | Syringes/h: up to 24.000
COMBI 3 BS | Syringes/h: up to 18.000

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