COMBI 3 BS / 3 BSR / 1BS

COMBI 3 BS / 3 BSR / 1BS


Automatic, continuous motion machine for syringe plungering, labelling and Backstop assembling.

Main features:

  • High capacity Backstop pre-feeder
  • Rotary or linear vibrating Backstop feeder with reduced format parts changeover
  • Backstop assembling control
  • With Closed-type Backstop, the assembling station is positioned before the Plunger Rod assembling turret (COMBI-3BSR version)
  • Also available in No Glass-To-Glass Contact version
  • The simple Backstop assembling unit is also available as an independent machine (COMBI-1BS model)
Speed: Up to 18.000 syringes / h with backstop
Up to 24.000 syringes / h without backstop (by-pass mode)
Up to 24.000 syringes / h for the COMBI-1BS model
Syringes: from 0,5 to 20 ml

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