NEXTRA N10 is an automatic machine for syringe de-nesting and feeding downstream machines as optical inspection units or assembling and labelling equipments.


Main features:

  • Infeed Tub buffering with FIFO policy;
  • Decoding of Pre-printed data on the Tub by a vision system;
  • Nest completeness control and Syringe Counting by a vision system;
  • Automated Nest Removal from Tub;
  • High capacity empty Tub stacking unit;
  • Gentle transfer of syringes onto the unload guide;
  • Complete denesting control prior empty nest unload;
  • Empty nest unload into a bin or by means of a high capacity stacking unit;
  • Available in No Glass-To-Glass Contact version;


For automated Inspection Lines:

  • Empty Nest re-positioning on Tub;
  • Automatic transfer of empty Nest/Tub to the down-stream Re-Nesting machine (bridge conveyors).


Syringes: 0,5 ml / 20 ml
Syringes/h: up to 36.000

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