2019 contribution: 2,000 euro
Sponsorship of the “Aziende in salute” project

2018 data show that around 6% of the Italian population has been affected by some form of neoplasm. In Bologna, around 50,000 individuals have already recovered from a tumour or are currently receiving treatment. Each case of tumour diagnosis costs more than 30,000 - 40,000 euro/year. It can be estimated that by integrating actions affecting lifestyle and early diagnosis (screening), 80% of diagnosed tumours could be healed or even avoided. In fact, since 2008 the cancer death rate has been falling by 1% year on year, thanks mainly to lifestyle improvements and early diagnosis. The main need of people following a cancer episode is to regain their well-being and achieve a positive quality of life, both within the family and at work. To provide an answer to these needs, since 2012 “gli Onconauti” offer personalised integrated rehabilitation itineraries to private individuals or companies. Marchesini Group’s contribution is aimed at supporting this activity in businesses.