2019 contribution: 1,000 euro
Support for the “2019 Rastignano Trophy”

The Atletico Rastignano collective was formed in 2010, when a group of young people who grew up in Rastignano decided to come together and form a seven-a-side football team to compete in the ANSPI provincial championship. In the spring of 2012, in close collaboration with the Amici di Tamara e Davide association in organising the event “In...festiamo Rastignano”, bringing together these young people with other Italian sports enthusiasts, it was officially decided to incorporate a single sports association in the area: this was the birth of A.S.D. Atletico Rastignano 2012, with the first official event in the role of organiser being the 1st edition of the Camminata dei Tre Parchi walk. Atletico Rastignano has always been centred around the important values that support a community, even
of minor proportions: above all is friendship, the value that led a group of youths who had grown up together to create a football team and, a few years later, to create a tangible reality such as that of an association.
The jewels in the crown of Atletico Rastignano most definitely include the 7-a-side football team which, after three ANSPI championships, which resulted in two first places, is now competing in the provincial championship organised by Centro Sportivo Italiano and, even though with several new players, has managed to retain the basic starting formation, demonstrating the force that unites the group even before their skills on the field. The most illustrious annual events definitely include the Rastignano Trophy, which reached its sixth edition in June 2019. From 3 to 28 June, more than 300 players divided into 20 teams competed for the 7-a-side football on the Rastignano Parish pitch; more than 50 spectators each evening, with a bar that is always open and a huge party on the last day are just some of the goals that have been reached over the years. The event was created in collaboration with Don Giulio, who has supported the association since his appointment a couple of years ago, and continues to support the promotion of values including ethics, sportsmanship and bringing people together.