2019 contribution: 5,000 euro
Sponsorship of the “UNIBO MOTORSPORT” project

Guided by passion and enthusiasm for the world of motorsports, a small group of engineering students supported by the Automotive Professor Nicolò Cavina got together to create the UniBo Motorsport project. The aim is to create a direct contact between the academic world and the industrial sphere, with special reference to the racing environment. Formula SAE is a world championship organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The aim of the competition is to design, build and assemble a single-seater
open-wheel racing car, in compliance with a clearly defined set of rules. The competition not only assesses the car’s performance, but also the economic-engineering validity of the project. In the past 15 years, Formula SAE has expanded to almost all parts of the
world, drawing the participation of a large number of sponsors and allowing teams from all over the world to compete on the most prestigious race tracks. To date, there are more than 500 teams taking part in the competition. MotoStudent is an international motorcycle competition between universities promoted by Moto Engineering Foundation & TechnoPark MotorLand. The aim of each team is to design, develop and build prototype racing motorcycles that will compete wheel-to-wheel on the Aragón circuit in Spain.
The purpose of the competition is to encourage students to put the skills acquired during their university studies into practice, so teams can choose whether to opt for an internal combustion engine or electric motor power plant.
To win means not merely having the fastest bike, but also being able to prove the economic-engineering validity of the project. The competition is currently in its fifth edition and it involves more than 50 teams from universities all over the world and a large number of sponsors.