2020 CONTRIBUTION: 3,000 euro
Sponsorship of the association to stage the yearly “Happy Hand” event

The Willy The King Group “WTKG” is an association named after Willy Boselli, who has been promoting social events for people with special needs for many years. Every year, by means of the “Happy Hand - Games without frontiers” event, the Group aims to remove the barriers separating Olympic and Paralympic sports so that spectators focus on the people involved, rather than on their abilities or disabilities.
The event is a sports and social inclusion festival, with the spotlight on abilities and disabilities, with Olympic sports offered together with Paralympic sports and opportunities for co-penetration between the disciplines
in the belief that this approach will open the way to a new cultural understanding of disability. Using sport as a means of bringing people together and sharing, it is increasingly important to devote attention
and sensitivity to the topic of disability, offering “strength” and motivation for all those who start out with a physical disadvantage.