2019 contribution: 5,000 euro
Sponsorship of the 2019 training programme

The Educational Project of Istituto San Giuseppe is linked to the original educational experience of its Founder, Servant of God Mother Lucia Noiret, who set up a Religious Congregation dedicated to human-Christian education and teaching of youngsters in Imola.  Sister Lucia, a woman of exceptional humanity and faith, driven by a convicted passion for education, cultural innovation, rectitude and commitment, capable of taking every person to heart, outlined the educational endeavour of the institute thanks to her charisma.
The educational community of the San Giuseppe institute self-identifies with three words: RECEPTION, LISTENING, INDEPENDENCE. These concepts are key to the daily provision of the school’s services and they accompany the service of each and the growth of children throughout their lives.

• Reception is the starting point of any relationship, which becomes solidarity in the professional sphere, collaboration between peers and sharing of free time.
• Listening means making the Reception of each individual significant, placing them at the centre of the personal and educational relationship.
• Independence is the expression of individuality in the awareness of respect of the individuality of others. It starts with small steps of independence in everyday life, up to the aware expression of personal ideas, feelings and resources.