2019 contribution: 2,500 euro
Sponsorship of the sports activity

Even though cricket is becoming more widespread throughout Italy, especially in areas with the largest numbers of Asian immigrants (the federation estimates there are 50,000 players in the country), the sport is currently played in Italy only as far south as Latina, the city of the current serie B champion squad. The Pianoro Cricket Club was set up in 1989 in Pianoro, (Bologna). More precisely, Rastignano is home to Pianoro CC, which has played at the highest levels of cricket in Italy and Europe for many years.
14 league titles in the Italian serie A championship, six Coppe Italia trophies and one European club championship title. Still today, in addition to the senior team that competes in serie A, the club has four youth teams (under 19, 17, 15 and 13), and a large number of its players have been recruited for the National team. In 2018 the club won the Italian national championship title in the under-19 category. The cricket club is a significant presence in the area in which the Group HQ is located, and it was deemed to be deserving of adequate financial support.