Contributo 2019: 1.260 euro

Race for the Cure, the biggest event in Italy and in the world against breast cancer returned to Giardini Margherita in Bologna from 20 to 22 September. Three days of solidarity with free sports, health and wellness events and, on Sunday, the lively traditional 5 km run and 2 km walk through the streets in the centre of Bologna. With some 52 thousand women in Italy with breast cancer, the Race is a method of disseminating a culture of prevention. No longer reticent to speak of this illness, women are increasingly willing to share their stories. The pink tops (worn by women with a diagnosis or history of breast cancer) are not only no longer taboo, they have become critically important: a series of projects have been launched thanks to the funds raised with the Race, including extension of the multi-purpose Women’s space at the centre in Bellaria hospital.