Remote services

87% of our products are exported around the world. Over the years, we have built an extensive sales network, allowing us to sell our machines in 116 countries. We have a strong presence in 68 countries, with 14 of our subsidiary offices and a network of 35 agencies, which reflects our desire to be close to our customers.

In order to offer the best possible support in the current situation, we have implemented a series of initiatives to ensure our usual reliability and efficiency and prevent any health risks.

Specifically, we have upgraded the following services: FAT IN STREAMING, LIVE ASSISTANCE and TELESERVICE ASSISTANCE.

FAT IN STREAMING: Testing, direct from your PC

For customers who cannot visit our factories due to Covid-19, we have decided to upgrade FAT streaming and offer the service for free.

This process facilitates communication between our technicians and the customer's on-site technician, who is able to see every detail of the machine from every angle using fixed and mobile cameras positioned along the machine/line.

Thanks to this technology, HMI can be managed remotely, allowing customers to analyse all of the machine's vital parameters directly from their monitor and request any necessary clarifications regarding features, settings and formats.

Each FAT stream is recorded, and the recording can be provided with a final report on request.

LIVE ASSISTANCE: Instant communication between technicians

We have implemented a new Live Assistance system to support our customers in the event of any problems with our machines. The Live Assistance service facilitates remote communication, ensuring more effective troubleshooting by way of a dedicated App - or optional smartglasses - which can be set up on any smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks.

In light of the current situation and the challenges associated with technical assistance, this service is being temporarily offered free of charge.

To access the service, simply install the App on your device and complete the registration process to receive your Customer Code. After evaluating internally whether this issue can be handled effectively using Live Assistance, we will contact the customer directly via the App to provide the necessary assistance.

Once the remote assistance is complete, our Service Team will send an email with a brief summary of the support carried out.

TELESERVICE ASSISTANCE: Safe access to your machines

If the Teleservice software is installed on a given machine, the customer can set up the HMI operator panel remotely via the cloud or a secure internet connection. Once the connection has been established, our technicians can remotely analyse the machine's vital parameters, carry out setup/reset operations and prevent potential errors that can affect operations.

This technology plays a vital role at times like these, allowing us resolve incidental issues without actually visiting the customer. Furthermore, it also speeds up various processes and offers significant cost savings.

With the Teleservice, we are able to support our customers:

  • by solving immediate problems and restoring the correct operating parameters to the machine;
  • by carrying out predictive maintenance: we use the information collected in various areas to improve the production process, pre-emptively correct errors, identify the causes of production dips and eliminate unscheduled downtime, anticipating any necessary routine maintenance.

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