BL-A420 CW

BL-A420CW - 430CW - 525CW

Automatic labellers that feature an integrated checkweigher, for cartons dynamic weighing and checking.

As well as other similar models without the weighting feature, these machines are suitable to apply self-adhesive vignette and tamper
evident seals on cartons, at high production speed.

The units are pre-arranged to house track-and-trace applications.

Main features:

  • Balcony design to assure an easy access for management, inspection and service
  • PC controlled with positive “Fail Safe” logic
  • Continuous mode speed adjustment
  • Patented cartons indexing device
  • Label dispensing on servo driven motor
  • Integrated checkweigh unit
  • Automatic speed synchronization of all motors
  • Fast format changeover without parts
  • Self diagnosis on display


Featured Model: BL-A420CW

(A) width: 25 - 105 (90) mm
(B) height: 15 - 90 mm
(H) length: 70 - 160 (250) mm
Vignette height (B): 20 - 60 mm
Vignette length (A): 15 - 80 mm
TE-Seal height (B): 15 - 30 mm
TE-Seal length (A): 15 - 60 mm
Production speed: 350 - 250 - 500 pcs/min

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