FREETUB are Manual or Automatic machines for Tub Debagging, De-liding and De-lining, installed upstream the filling machine for nested Syringe.


  • Manual loading of Bagged Tubs;
  • Bag stretching station:
  • Automatic bag cutting;
  • Automatic gate opening / closing for tub unloading into the filling room;
  • Tub unload by means of a positive pushing system without contact with the sterile tub;
  • No moving mechanism coming from the filling side;
  • Automatic bag disposal;
  • Automatic loading of sealed tubs into the De-Liding machine;
  • Heating station to warm up tub's border;
  • Lid removal by a robotized system equipped by tear-proof movement;
  • Automatic Liner removal;
  • Automatic disposal of Lid and Liner;
  • Possible Tub rejection in case of faulty de-liding;
  • Possible Manual De-liding facility in case of faulty automatic de-liding;
  • Automatic transfer of the open tub to the filling machine: if necessary the tub can be rotated;
  • Possibility to install the machine under LAF, open RABS, closed RABS or Isolator.


Featured Model: Freetub 10-A | details from Freetub 20-A

Tub/Nest for Syringes
Tub/Nest for RTU Vial
Tub/Nest for RTU Cartridges
Nested Tray for RTU Vials

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