INTEGRA320-Complete blister line

INTEGRA 320 - Quick Delivery

Integrated continuous motion monoblock machine. The blistering section is managed by servo motors and features two splicing tables with hidden cutter and automatic grip vacuum. A rotating unit picks up the blisters from the die cutter and positive deposits it on the connecting conveyor. Thanks to a 3 axis translation, the ROBOCOMBI, a robotized blister feeding system, carries out different kinds of blister stackings on the bucket belt of the cartoning section.

Main features:

  • Arranged for thermoforming PVC/ALU blistercards and cold forming ALU/ALU blistercards
  • Multiple product feeders available
  • Product lifting column
  • Product presence check with full color camera
  • Harle2D|3D (VALIDA) sorting unit by SEA Vision
  • HarleNIR chemical imaging inspection system, with Near Infrared Hyperspectral system (Active Principles Inspection), by SEA Vision
  • Positive outfeed connection with integrated Robocombi
  • Chiller
  • Pre-arranged for a booklet feeder
  • Tuck-in carton closure (or, as alternative, hot-melt glue carton closure)
  • Leaflet feeding system
  • Barcode reader for leaflet and carton
Width: 30 - 86 mm
Length: 70 - 140 mm
Forming depth: Up to 9 mm
Width: 35 - 90 mm
Height: 15 - 90 mm
Length: 75 - 150 mm
Blisters/min: Up to 320
Cartons/min: Up to 260 with continuous motion

Technical Details


Integrated product sorting unit

“HS” product feeder

Dedicated “high-speed” product feeder

From left to right

Sealing station, perforation station, mechanical embossing and cutting station

Downstream connection

Positive downstream connection through Robocombi pick and place system

Cartoner section

Continuous motion cartoner for blister secondary packaging with double set of pushers and counter-pushers


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