Stery-LC filling/stoppering machine


STERY-LA and STERY-LC are linear vial filling and stoppering machines suitable for Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) produced in aseptic condition, able to perform full or partial rubber stoppering for Liquid or Lyo products.


Main Features:

  • “Vertical Wall Mounting” technology, with mechanical parts assembled on the backside and process parts totally accessible through the front side;
  • Easy integration on the pharma-wall with ordinary maintenance access through the back-side to avoid contamination of the process area;
  • Balcony Style vial transport to guarantee the perfect laminarity of the air flow;
  • Easy integration under oRABS, cRABS and Isolator;
  • Quick and efficient wash-in-place or traditional cleaning;
  • Quicker decontamination cycle by VHP compared to traditional table-top machines;
  • Different filling systems available, based on Rotary Piston Pumps and/or Peristaltic pumps;
  • Statistical or 100% weight control IPC available;
  • Complete or partial rubber stoppering for liquid or lyo products;
  • Stopper pre-feeder and sorting system totally integrated on board to offer a compact and linear arrangement;
  • Nitrogen Flushing system during stoppering to offer a very low residual amount of air.


Featured Models: STERY-LC | STERY-LA

Vials: 2R / 100 ml
Pieces/h: up to 24.000

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