DEPYR are Depyrogenation Tunnels for ampoules, Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) vials and larger bottles.


Main features:

  • Tubular stainless steel frame with hinged doors on front side and easy removable panels on the maintenance side, to guarantee total free access to every area of the tunnel;
  • Filters installation from operator side, all instruments, sensors, validation ports and controls are accessible from the 2 openable sides. No need of  intervention or installation on top of the machine.
  • Inspection glass doors on pre-heating and cooling chambers;
  • Fully integrated on board design for quick installation; only one exhaust duct is required; also the air extracting fan is installed on board;

Standard constructional specifications:

  • Expansion compensation system of the metal structure during heating with no particle generation;
  • Automatic pressure compensation systems with the highest overpressure into the hot zone and in cascade to cooling and infeed chamber. That guarantees a perfect process repeatability and the maximization of depyrogenating capacity.
  • Symmetrical air recycling (50% left and 50% right side) into the hot chamber to guarantee a very constant temperature distribution across the tunnel conveyor.
  • Cooling chamber realized with 100% air recycling to:
    • guarantee a better temperature control;
    • achieve a very low glass temperature at the exit of the tunnel;
    • do not influence the tunnel room making room balancing easier;
    • offer a longer life time of HEPA filters
    • reduce energy consumption.
  • Innovative Dry-Heat Sterilization with dedicated resistors and separated air-ducts to implement a double air loop, one for cold air during the normal process, one for hot air during DH cycle. That makes possible to:
    • start the DH cycle quickly without draining the chilled water loop;
    • perform a forced cooling at the end of the DH cycle;

These features makes the DH cycle easy and short.


Featured Model: DEPYR601

Ampoules: 1 ml / 30 ml
Vials: 2R / 500 ml
Pieces/h: according tunnel size and containers to be processed

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