February 2, 2021IDEAS

400 3D visors for the school of the future

Lab sessions are essential in a technical high school, at least as much and maybe even more so than classroom lessons. With the Covid-19 pandemic, all these well-established teaching dynamics have disappeared. It is an even greater problem for an area like Bologna, located in the heart of Italy’s Packaging Valley which is full of companies constantly in search of workers with technical qualifications.

For this reason, in addition to the initiatives launched to marry work in the company to health requirements, we have decided to support the storied Istituto Tecnico Aldini Valeriani high school in Bologna – with which we already boast a strong partnership – with the purchase of 400 3D visors which will allow students to participate in the lab sessions remotely.

Six classes were involved, one for each subject including physics, chemistry, biology and earth science: in total, 150 pupils and 20 teachers who have been supplied with annual licences for the use of the Virtual Reality labs.

Emergency schooling becomes the school of the future.