October 13, 2020PEOPLE


We have always believed that it is people who make the difference. And we believe that when they retire after a long and productive career, we ought to give them a proper send-off!

Fidenzio Sanmarchi joined the company in the mid 1980s, after meeting our founder, Massimo Marchesini. After a few years working his way up the ladder, Fidenzio became the director of what at the time was the Marchesini Group's Carpi plant, a cutting-edge facility specialised in blister packaging. Fidenzio spent the following years between technical management and the administrative/marketing side, combining both until his decision to prioritise the latter.

This lasted until the mid 2000s, when Marchesini Group decided to revolutionise the after-sales service for its machines in order to bring it up-to-date with the times and the new expertise required. This new adventure was also placed in the hands of Fidenzio, who created the basis for what would become our current Customer Care department.

"Fidenzio is an extremely valuable and trustworthy person, by a long way the most knowledgeable person on blister technology within Marchesini Group. It’s thanks to him that the after-sales business has become a central part of our corporate strategy"

Giuseppe Monti, Director of Research and Development

In the latter part of his career, Fidenzio coordinated the business of
Dumek, a Bologna-based company acquired in 2017; he subsequently lent his expertise to the management of special products under the vision of Marco Marchesini, Group industrial director.

We wish you all the best, Fidenzio!