October 13, 2020TECHNOLOGY


We are working hard to bring Industry 4.0 standards and Artificial Intelligence, already widely used in our production, to new levels. Thanks to our partnership with the University of Bologna, we are developing new algorithms which will be loaded onto computers equipped with artificial neural networks, allowing different situations to be dealt with. In particular: 

  • at CMP Phar.ma, one of our companies specialised in manufacturing inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry, we are creating an algorithm able to identify certain defects in vials;
  • we are developing new AI solutions for blister packs, which is one of our key businesses. The goal is to further improve product quality, even when faced with variable material conditions;
  • finally, we are working on giving our robots self-learning capabilities, so that they can adapt their behaviour when faced with new scenarios. A revolution.

As we say in these situations... STAY TUNED